Men look at rusted heap of steel and see the classic car or the rod it is to become. A vision is birth and a restoration process is begun.  The body is removed and the chassis frame is strengthen. New parts replace the old ones to make the car roll better. New rear end, transmission and a crate motor. Alignment is accomplished of the front end and the rear. The body is finally set back on the frame. The body needs work. Pounding out the dents, filling the holes, eliminating the rust, reshaping the roof lines. before the paint is applied. Still the interior has to be restored or made completely new.  Restoration takes months or years to complete but at the end is a classic or rod worth more than it was when it was originally created.

 The restoring of a man follows the same example as the restoration of a car. Old body  Body off ,a firm chassis, reliability and new parts are all going to be used. We are definitely in the restoration business. The men of this nation have neglected and turned their back on responsibility. Men are no longer trusted when they speak or shake hands on a simple agreement. As with the restored vehicle, a restored man is worth more than he was originally created to his family, his community, and to God.

Just Man Ministry is taking on the responsibility to rebuild a man and establish him with integrity and character. This restoration, like that of a classic car, will make him worth more than the original design.




The only reason we don't do right is because we do wrong

Additional Information about Just Man Ministry

Tough guys, rough guys, red-neck, car guys, too lost to be saved: all of us came from dirt. All of us have sinned and come short of the perfectness of God. I am not perfect but I am trying to get on track towards God. If God can save me, he can save you.

I never knew God was interested in me. I thought I was too far gone until I read a scripture that said, "He will never leave you  nor forsake you." I don't know how that can be true because of the things I have done , but I found out the word of God is truth. If the word of God says it, it has to be the truth. Later I found out that God lives in me. The Holy  Spirit dwells within me. 

Dr. Ed Cole Stated in His book Real Man


Truth is not cheap. Truth always costs. A man has to die to himself to accept the truth- and find new life through the dying. Calvary was the price God paid to give us Truth. As Christ died to make it possible for us to receive truth, we have to die to self to receive it. "Buy the truth and do not sell it," the Bible says.

Hold onto truth, not as your possession, but as your Savior and Master and Defender. Truth is your shield and strength. Truth is part of the "armor of God" to help us combat the "father of lies." Only truth can defeat a lie. Truth is our defense, and truth is our offense in all our battles.

Truth is it's own defense, and truth is eternal. Men tried to kill Truth by crucifixion, but Truth rose again the third day, and Truth lives!

We live to the degree we abide in the Spirit of Truth.

Those who desire to become Real Men love truth.

A  Just Man is a real man.

In a field people see a rusted, mangled, piece of worthless junk of a car. A car guy sees a valuable restored Model A Ford.

People see a drunk, dirty, stinking, drug infested man lying on the sidewalk. God sees a Just Man. A man that can be restored; valuable, full of integrity, good character and Christlikeness.

Just Man Ministry is a Non-profit 501c3 "Public Charity" and all donations are tax deductible.

We are located at 3246 Snow, Katy, Texas  77493  Phone 832 618 5901

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I was born and grew up in Va. While in elementary school through middle school I went to Episcopal church with my Aunt Elizabeth it was not a choice. My Elementary principal was also my Sunday School Teacher.

In high school, after a small break from church, I attended a Baptist Church. Two main reasons; my girl friend went there and I liked playing Church League Basketball. It was a requirement to attend on Sunday to play on the team and date my girl friend.   

My first marriage was to a Catholic lady so I went more often. After a hard divorce, in which I was the main culprit, church was not a big factor in my life.

I met my wife, Lynne (36 years now) and moved to Houston in 1982.  Because of my work as a Peace Officer I doubted and suspected all people. Trust had to be earned. I knew of God and Jesus but not about them. Truth was not a reality to me.

After a few months, we met an older couple who invited us to their home. On these Friday nights we studied the true word of God and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, not perfected but redeemed.

As we started attending church, I met men who were not perfect like me. I started investigating men's ministries and soon found there were a lot of Men like me.

I met a man named Dr. Edwin Louis Cole who gave me a new meaning of manhood. Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous. I found a man I could trust and tell me the truth...Jesus.

I was commission by Dr. Cole in April 2000 after completing a Men's Curriculum. I am presently licensed by: Heritage of Faith as a Minister of Faith .

Just Man Ministry is dedicated to the restoration of the men of this nation. To restore the character traits of integrity, responsibility, and honesty. Mediocre men want authority without responsibility. Mediocrity is destroying this nation and the world. Untruth has been taught to our youth. Dedication to the our nation is being eliminated. I am a proud to be an American who is a Christian. Just Man Ministry is a Ministry to Men, for their family to restore true Manhood to a man.